from my perspective...

My first camera was a waterproof Canon. It was grey and red and apparently wasn't actually waterproof, so my mom got it at a discount. Ten-year-old Alexa was over the moon. I loved taking pictures of my friends and the anticipation of waiting to see how they turned out. My family loved photography and would sit around the slide projector on quiet evenings reminiscing and being transported back in time. I grew up with an appreciation for light, colour and the art behind photography.

I now have the immense pleasure and privilege of photographing families, friends, wedding parties, moms-to-be, and newly engaged couples. I love capturing the moments between the 'big stuff'. The quick glance that is so full of adoration, a genuine smile or laugh that could not be held in. These moments are fleeting and can often go unnoticed and one of the many reasons why I love photography. We get to capture those split-second moments and freeze them in time.

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“Our photoshoot with Alexa was awesome. She made us all feel super comfortable and we ended up having SO much fun just taking the pictures. And the photos were incredible! 100% recommend!!”